Mountain Home Fire Department using app to save valuable time

Published: Nov. 7, 2018 at 9:41 PM CST
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It’s called the Active 911 app, and the Mountain Home Fire Department uses it on their phones or iPads for a number of different reasons.​

Mountain Home Fire Captain Kris Quick said, “You can have your hydrants. You can have pre-plans of buildings. You can have Knox Box locations, which is a key that we can access a business if they have a fire alarm or something.”

It’s an invaluable app for Mountain Home firefighters.

The Baxter County 911 center gets the information like the address of a house fire.

Quick said, “Then they send it to us, and it gives us the direct route to the scene of an accident or fire or medical run.”

Firefighters get calls at any time of the day, and sometimes they may miss the address that goes out.

Quick said, “That right there alone is worth $1 million. Just to have the directions of how to get there.”

There was a time the department used 500 feet of hose to get to a hydrant because firefighters thought that was the closest one.

Quick said, "But then when it was over, we left and there was a hydrant in the corner of the lot. But it was covered with bushes and stuff.”

Thanks to the water department, the app also shows where the nearest fire hydrants are located.

The captain said it’s also affordable.

Quick said, “A lot of departments have the mobile data terminal and the mobile data computers, and they’re expensive to get the program and all of that. This is an app that we can get on each device for $11.75.”

So far most of the firefighters have the app on their phones, and they are on two iPads in two fire trucks.

They just got the app a couple weeks ago, and they have already put it to good use.

Quick said, “This is the exact location. We had a house fire not too long ago and we use it on it and it pinpointed the house. I mean it was a fairly new picture of it. I need it had the same vehicles in the driveway and everything.”

The captain says the goals is to eventually have the app on a device in every vehicle in the department.

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