Mountain Home and Harrison mayors working to clean up cities

HARRISON, Ark. - "It's all about what I call pride and ownership. We have so many visitors come through this area," said Mountain Home Mayor Hillrey Adams.

"We cannot allow one bad yard to be a reflection of the entire neighborhood, and that is the way it's been. And we're going to put a stop to that," said Harrison Mayor Jerry Jackson.

Jackson and Adams both want their cities to make good impressions on residents and visitors.

"We have a clean premise act here," Jackson said. "And he has the same issues over in Mountain Home trying to get people to clean up yards."

Jackson and Adams have already gotten some progress done.

"There's probably 5-10 that are extremely bad that need to be cleaned up, and we're going to take necessary actions to get it done," Jackson said. "We send them a certified letter, and then if they don't clean it up in 14 days, we write them a ticket. And that ticket they have to appear in court."

The Mountain Home mayor said the city's chamber leadership class helped clean up the square and put up banners. Both mayors also are knocking down some condemned houses.

"They're going to be removed probably within the next 30 days," Jackson said.

"We actually got two buildings that we've tore down," Adams said. "We notified the owners, went through the condemnation process."

The Mountain Home mayor said in the next couple weeks the city will have software that will allow the code enforcement officer to keep tabs on this ongoing issue.

It would allow the code enforcement officer to issue a citation right from his car, like a speeding ticket.

"But it'll also give myself and other people the ability to look at when we see a property we'll be able to look it up and see where it's at in the process, what's going on, and we don't duplicate efforts as much that way," Adams said.

Jackson said after talking with Adams, he is looking into that same software for Harrison.

Harrison also has a city-wide cleanup in May and a leak pickup in the fall.