National Survey: Most Americans pick Chiefs to win Super Bowl LIV

Courtesy: Remington Research Group
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MIAMI -- Only hours away from Super Bowl LIV, it appears most of the country is siding with Chiefs Kingdom.

A national survey recently conducted by the Remington Research Group found that the majority of Americans believe the Chiefs will win Super Bowl LIV.

More than 1,200 Americans were surveyed and 52% sided with the Chiefs. Nearly 35% of voters chose the 49ers to win, while 13% of those surveyed were unsure.

Other notable findings from the survey include:

-56% of those who voted Chiefs believe they will will win by more than 7 points.
-57% of all voters said Patrick Mahomes is the better quarterback.
-40% Americans believe the referees will make a flawed call that dramatically impacts the game.
-34% have or will place a monetary bet on the game.