Police say neighbor stopped a rape in Springfield after hearing cries for help

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo A man in Springfield is being hailed as a hero because he stopped a rape happening in the apartment next door to his.

Now 24 year old Sean Carter is charged with first degree rape, sodomy, assault, and resisting arrest.

Carter and the woman had consensual sex on New Year's Day, and then went to a Bible study that night.

When they returned from Bible Study, the woman told police she drank two shots of alcohol, but Carter drank heavily... even chugging a large amount of gin.

She says he then forced himself on top of her...while she was saying "No, I don't want this right now."

"I remember feeling like it was never going to end. I did scream for help. But I didn't think that I was screaming loud enough honestly because it was hard because I was muffled by him." said the victim.

Luckily her next door neighbor who also happens to be an officer in Pierce City, heard her cries for help.

"You could tell by the sound of her voice that something was wrong, and she needed help now." Chris Whitehead, the neighbor.

He ran next door and asked what was going on and displayed his badge to Carter.

"I had no idea what was going on there or who I was going to meet at the door." shared Whitehead. "But you just had to do something, you couldn't do nothing."

"I immediately got a sense of relief since it was like maybe I am fine now." said the victim. "Sean pushed him and he punched him in the face. Knocked him out cold on my front porch."

"I just did what was right. I would hope that if anyone that I ever knew was in that situation, someone would do the same." said Whitehead.

Now the woman has advice for anyone else who meets someone online.

"Know who you are talking to. Upon all of this I found out that he had a bunch of mental issues."

And she said she will be appearing at all of his court appearances.

"I want him to see that he didn't break me."

Carter's first court appearance is scheduled for January 30th.