Neighbors report stolen mail in parts of Boone County, Ark.

Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 1:59 PM CST
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A group of mailboxes off Casey Lane in Boone County appeared to be an easy target last week.

"The boxes were opened up, and I saw our neighbor's mail was on the ground," said David Grant, who lives on Casey Lane.

Neighbors who live on the road think it's clear: Someone stole their mail.

"My box was empty, so it looked like whatever mail in my box had been taken out," Grant said.

About eight miles away, people who live on Old Bergman Road are facing a similar problem.

Someone took their mail, then ditched unwanted letters in another man's mailbox on Monday.

"The only reason I knew about it was because he showed up because there were some items from this address," said Doug Spier, who lives on Old Bergman Road. "And he just happened to stop by, lived down the road, and let me know."

A U.S. postal inspector said the agency is looking into the cases.

But people at both sites are worried the thieves could get access to certain personal information from their neighbors.

"I think this person was concerned about the facts of her bank statements," said Grant about one of his neighbors.

"He gets all his medications shipped to him, so that's a real concern for him," said Spier about his neighbor.

The people on Casey Lane turned in a petition to the post office.

They either want mailboxes moved in front of individual homes or a cluster that actually locks. The postal service said it's up to individual offices to make the call.

"I'm expecting some action with the post office on this," Grant said.

U.S. postal inspectors said there are multiple ways to help protect yourself from being the victim of mail theft.

One is to sign up for Informed Delivery with the postal service, so you can get notifications about mail that was sent to you. You can also place your mail on hold if you're traveling. To do that, go to

If you know you won't be home, you can ask a trusted neighbor to pick up a package if you're expecting one. But do not leave mail in your mailbox overnight.

To report mail theft, or if you have video or information about a theft, go to or call 877-876-2455.