Neighbors say Fair Grove, Mo. bridge where deputy died known for flash flooding

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NEAR FAIR GROVE, Mo. The community of Fair Grove, Mo. is mourning the loss of Greene County Deputy Aaron Roberts.

Deputy Robert's vehicle was swept off of a bridge on Cabin Creek Drive just off of highway AA in Fair Grove.

Deputy Roberts was attempting to cross a low water bridge when rushing water swept his vehicle off of the bridge and took it downstream.

Emergency responders say it was a challenge getting to the vehicle.

"The channel there that the flood waters run down kind of run even with the road but it is all covered in woods. So there is no roads back there, just fields and woods." said Erich Higgins, Fair Grove Fire Chief.

Higgins says he has never seen water rise that fast over the road.

"The water was rising about half and inch to an inch every 30 minutes or so." said Higgins, "It was moving pretty fast and pretty rapidly."

And the center of that bridge is sitting lower than the roadway.

"When it does rain and comes over the road surface it could be 6 to 8 feet deep." said Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott.

There were no "Low Water Crossing" signs before the bridge and locals say that if you don't know the area you wouldn't be prepared for water over the road.

"You don't see it until you get here, and then there is the dip and there is the water and you don't have much time to react." said Rachel Wilder.

"You won't know it until you drive off in it, then it becomes a big problem." said Wayne Bates.

The Fair Grove Fire Department removed Deputy Roberts vehicle and came back to leave a cross in his memory.

Deputy Aaron Roberts is the first Greene County deputy to die in the line of duty since 2007.