New Medicare cards coming in 2018; Intended to fight ID theft

An important heads-up for Medicare recipients.

This has nothing to do with your benefits. It has everything to do with your security. Starting in 2018, Medicare cards will not show social security numbers. Advocates say this is long over due, but there's no better time than the present.

Folks with CLAIM, The Missouri State Health Insurance Assistance Program, say Medicare cards are getting a makeover to fight identity theft.

"An individual may receive an older card, if they're turning sixty-five let's say in 2018, but they will too, when it comes to their time, they will be getting a brand new card also. No exceptions. Everyone will have a brand new number," said Stacey Childs,with CLAIM.

The first batch of new cards will be issued in April. Everyone should have their new card with new numbers by January of 2020. During this transition, health care providers will accept both old and new cards.
Experts believe crooks will have a really tough time tracking your new number to your private information.