New apartment complex will benefit domestic violence survivors

Published: Mar. 7, 2018 at 6:34 PM CST
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One of the biggest obstacles facing domestic abuse survivors is how to find safe, affordable, nice housing once they leave their abusive situation. Now, a new apartment complex will help solve that issue for a lot of people.

"Just the thought and care that went into this project truly exceeded my expectations," said Lisa Farmer, Executive Director of Harmony House.

With halls and rooms decorated with the trendy designs, and a kids play area, Talia (as the complex is named) looks and feels like a nice place to live.

"So much effort went into making this apartment complex a place that feels secure and is secure but is also warm and homey and just a place that they feel they have really come home to," Farmer stated.

Talia entails more than 40 units, 18 set aside for abuse survivors looking to get back on their feet.

Farmer explained that without good housing, a lot of survivors find it too easy just to go back to their abusers. Talia provides a way out for some.

Harmony House partnered with the Vecino Group to create and build the complex. With so many people seeking help, Talia will be a very welcome -but temporary- solution.

"The good news is that Springfield has a project like this and we have 18 units that are safe and secure and very nice units," said Farmer. But, the bad news is- it is permanent housing, so when those units are filled, we are back to- gosh there is not enough affordable housing in Springfield. "

At this point, almost all of those 18 units set aside for domestic abuse survivors have filled up. But, there are apartments left for other individuals.