New arrest reveals new evidence in deadly Springfield shootings

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A new arrest in the deadly shooting of two at a Springfield home on November 1 reveals new details in the case.

Nyadia Burden faces two counts of first-degree murder for the deaths of Josh Hampton and Steven Marler and two counts of first degree assault for the shooting of Cody Phillips and Jamar Smith. Luis Perez and Aaron Anderson also face first-degree murder charges in the case. Dalia Garcia faces a charge of tampering with evidence.

Court documents say Nyadia Burden bought the bullets on the evening of October 31st. She is seen making the purchase on surveillance video at Academy Sports with Luis Perez standing near her. Investigators found the ammo she bought, and say it matched spent shell casings from East Locust and the Sabrina Starr murder on North Oakland.

Burden told police she knew Perez, had hung out with him while he was doing tattoos at the house on East Locust. She told police Perez had said he was going to kill Josh Hampton. When asked if that's why he asked her to buy the ammo, she told officers, that's what she was thinking. Burden didn't believe Anderson was old enough to buy it, and didn't think Perez had an ID. She told police she agreed to buy it to make herself look cool and feel accepted. Burden also confirmed she did have a sexual relationship with Perez.

Burden told police they all went back to her house on South Robberson, where she said they were quoting a song called "Murder on My Mind" and marking bullets with a sharpie.

Burden told police Perez, Anderson and Starr left her house and returned later, around midnight, and she remembers Perez saying Hampton was dead, and he and Anderson saying the others were shot because they were there.

Burden said she didn't go along because she was pregnant.