New boutique hotel in Springfield will be built for millennials

Published: Jul. 15, 2016 at 5:52 PM CDT
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A new concept hotel is slated to open in the city. The Best Western Vib will be different than all other lodging currently in the Queen City.

The entrepreneur behind the project hopes to capture a lot of business travelers, specifically millennials. Gordon Elliott already owns 13 properties in town and four in other cities, but this hotel will be different than anything in his portfolio.

"It's just really artsy. When you look at it, it's got glass, it's got colors, it's got spikes on it artistic. This one's going to have some features that are lit up that will make it look like it belongs in Chicago or New York," Elliott said of the new building slated for Sunshine Street just east of Glenstone Avenue.

The Vib is a new model from the Best Western hotel chain, designed with larger lobbies, lots of room to socialize, and smaller rooms. The hotel will be packed with high-end features, including a top-of-the-line fitness facility and grab-and-go food items in place of the breakfast buffet travelers may find at other hotels.

There will be high-tech features throughout, all all catering to the business traveler and the younger crowd.

"If I build it here (Sunshine Street near Glenstone), it is between all the marketplaces, the businesses , and I just thought about it a lot and said, 'It needs to go here,'" Elliott said.

Elliott said the entire project could be complete within one year.