New businesses plan to open up on Republic Road

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Springfield, Mo. -- A number of new businesses are being built along Republic Road between Kansas Expressway and FF Highway right on the edge of Springfield.

Right by the Planet Fitness a new building is under construction and will soon be a new Dollar Tree and right across the street from the building is an empty dirt field that will also soon be a new auto body shop.

Now there are also plans for the land next to the neighborhood Walmart, near a church, that land will soon become a shopping center.

At the intersection of Scenic and Republic, there's also a piece of land under construction for a new bank.

Curtis Jared, President and CEO, of Jared Enterprises, said the population density of that area of Springfield is one of the highest if not the highest in Springfield.

"If you get the proper infrastructure in place, and you've already got the residential component, now the infrastructure portion is in place," Jared said. "Now, that's really where the last big phase is where the commercial components are filling in around there."

"The schools came out here, the families wanted to move out here, the neighborhoods got built and this is where you want to go to get those families to be a part of your business," Madlyn Carow, Manager at Dynamics Gymnastics, said.

The expectation is in the future to ease traffic congestion at Campbell and James River Freeway more traffic will be going through the new businesses at Republic and Kansas Expressway.