New church leader shares vision for Assemblies of God

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. A new leader for one of the world's largest denominations is settling into his new role right here in Springfield, Missouri. The new general superintendent of Assemblies of God believes the church has a lot of work left to do in reaching people locally and around the world.

"We consider it a blessing. We consider it a privileged opportunity to have our international offices in this city. We love this city," said Doug Clay, the new General Superintendent for Assemblies of God.

Clay is a third-generation pastor and the new leader of the church some 68.5 million members strong. While the world is changing, the church mission remains the same.

"To bring a message of hope and a message of life change to people who are living without hope and who are looking for a sense of purpose in their life and have never considered Christianity," he said.

One of the largest faiths groups, there are now nearly ten times as many Assemblies of God congregations as there are McDonald's restaurants around the world.

It is a global faith with a local focus: working with schools and nonprofits in communities everywhere, including a strong partnership with Convoy of Hope.

When asked about the biggest challenge facing our world today, Clay responded, "Alienation from God. Particularly in the United States we're a fractured society."

"This country was founded on a belief in God and that God was the center of all of life and all of family to today it feels like God is just one small part, if conveniently fit and if accepted as a part of society, so it's almost as if we've moved away from being God-centered to now ambition-centered or self-centered," Clay said.