New high-tech kitchen gadgets may take stress out of holiday cooking

Published: Nov. 18, 2016 at 8:54 AM CST
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Thanksgiving is less than a week away.

From cooking to hosting guests, things can get stressful!!

There are some handy devices to help make your holiday run smoothly.

This Thanksgiving, help is available in the kitchen. "Alexa" is part of Amazon Echo Smart home devices...

"It’s a voice assistant that helps you, hands free," said Sharon Profis with CNET

Alexa can set timers, answer questions, and even link to smart appliances.

"So if you have a new GE oven you can ask Alexa to control it and this is futuristic smart home and a nice peek into what our future kitchens might look like," added Profis.

But if cooking the turkey still stresses you out, a sous vide machine like the Joule might help.

"You can think of sous vide like a new version of slow cooking,” said Profis.

Set it from your smart phone, and an alert will tell you it's ready. The submersion method keeps turkey juicy at a consistent temperature.

"With sous vide because those juices aren’t evaporating, they’re staying contained in bag, the turkey is actually basting itself," Profis pointed out.

An electric spiralizer allows quick prep of fresh vegetables to roast or use in sides like casseroles. But if things don't go smoothly, there's the roost smart smoke alarm battery.

"So if you do inadvertently set it off while you’re cooking, it will alert your smart phone and you can turn it off without ever leaving the kitchen," said Profis.

Burned beyond repair? Well, there's always dessert!!

As long as Alexa doesn't ruin it with a reminder about calories.

Google also has a virtual assistant device called "Google Home."

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