New housing complex in Springfield will help veterans, seniors, and disabled

Published: Sep. 23, 2016 at 9:16 PM CDT
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One of the newest housing complexes in Springfield is located off the beaten path. But it's making a big impact.

Beacon Village, on the city's west side, was constructed in two phases. It includes 80 apartments with rent prices considered more affordable for individuals living with financial limitations. This project, led by The Kitchen, includes several units set aside for those who were homeless.

"A lot of folks, especially the ones who may have been homeless, haven't had a decent place to live in a long time," said Rorie Orgeron, CEO of The Kitchen.

The Kitchen is now moving dirt on yet another big housing construction project- this one on the city's north side on McClernon St. off N. National Ave. Ground was broken on Friday for McClernon Villas, which will cater to disabled and senior individuals; several units will be set aside for formerly homeless veterans.

"It is a big emotional thing for them," Orgeron explained. "Which, really helps their self confidence and it really pushes them along and helps get to that next step.

Just like Beacon Village, the plan here is to provide a fresh start and brand-new opportunities. The project is set to be done in 2017.

"There are just a lot of people who are living in substandard conditions, low income housing where they can afford the rent but the utilities are high," Orgeron said. "It is just not the place they need to be. It is not safe. It is not healthy for them. These are brand new units and they are going to be fantastic."