New lock invented by local principal to stop school intruders

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URBANA, Mo A local principal has invented a new lock to help secure school doors in the case of an intruder.
Jason Pursley, the principal at Skyline Elementary, created the lock while researching new locks to use in the school.
"Nothing stood out at us, it was either too complicated to install, or too expensive. So I thought... there has got to be a better way." said Pursley.
Pursley went to the drawing board, and it took several tries, but he finally found a prototype that he liked.
"What I had in mind was simple, fast, and strong." said Pursley.
And it is strong, yet inexpensive. At only 35 dollars per door, other local superintendents loved that price tag.
"One thing that helps me is that I am a principal, not a salesman. I'm not making them to get rich or anything, I am making them to save student's lives." said Pursley, "The teachers and administration love it because it works so well, and the superintendents love it because it fits their budget."
So far eight area districts have purchased the Z-Lock for their schools, and Pursley says there may be more in the future.
"If it just saves one student and one school, then everything would be worth it." said Pursley.
Pursley says the operation is just his family making the Z-Locks, and they have had steady orders since August. He says they now have it to where they can make one in 8 minutes.