Work progresses on new neighborhood for homeless individuals

Published: Mar. 17, 2017 at 9:43 PM CDT
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Dozens of people could soon get a new outlook on life thanks to a local outreach that's on a mission to combat homelessness.

On East Division Street. you'll find a big empty field that's full of hopes and dreams. Until recently, the plot was just an abandoned trailer park. That's before

, an local outreach to homeless individuals, entered the scene. The area is now being transformed into a special new neighborhood called


"I stepped back after we cleaned it up and said this is amazing," said David Brown, executive director of The Gathering Tree.

Brown explained Eden Village will help instill a sense of community and pride for chronically disabled homeless people.

"It is going to take us- the people- to solve the problem. Not the government, not the city, and nobody else.

The development includes special housing for people who are homeless and disabled. This project represents a growing trend across the country, which is placing homeless people in communities instead of shelters .

Thirty small homes are being built in Texas, and will be trucked here. The first arrives in just weeks.

Brown stated, "It will be a model home. And, if you can drive by and see that, it will peak your interest more. I think it will make it a lot easier for us."

Each unit costs $30,000. The outreach is raising the money and preparing these homes designed to make a big impact on so many lives.

"The obvious thing to solve homelessness is a home. It is kind of a no-brainier really. But that is what it takes," Brown said. "It takes a home and a community."

The development will also include a community center where case workers and medical staff can meet with residents.

Brown expects it to take about a year to build-out the neighborhood.