New ordinance prohibits long-term semi-truck parking in Ozark, Mo.

Published: May. 30, 2019 at 9:34 PM CDT
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Starting on June 5, a new law will go into effect in in Ozark, banning truck drivers from parking on some streets. It follows complaints from business owners who had concerns about the trucks parking around their property.

Truck drivers will not be able to park on any public street in a residential zoning district at all, and not on any other public street between 5PM and 8AM.

Tracey Tracy says that is going to put a big strain on drivers who either live in Ozark, or run out of drive time and have to pull off the highway.

"You have to find a place to park and whatever time that may be, your spouse or whoever is going to have to get up in the middle of the night or early morning and come get you, bring you back, when you can just be right here." Tracy explained.

She says it is an industry wide problem, a shortage of parking places for truckers, especially on Highway 65.

"With there being nothing up and down the highway on 65 from Kearney past Harrison, where their time runs out, their time runs out. So they have to park." explained Tracy. "It is a national problem, but it has come here now and we can at least accommodate them instead of running them off."

But Ozark city leaders say as other towns passed similar parking ordinances, more truckers began parking in Ozark.

"We were having complaints by property owners and business owners that there were semi-trucks parking overnight on city streets," said Steve Childers, Ozark's city administrator. "Adjacent to the property, maybe blocking their property off from their customers and so forth."

Childers says long-term semi-truck parking can wear down the city's roads.

"These are residential streets, these are city streets that aren’t built like Highway 65 or I-44 would be for heavy commercial traffic." he explained.

But Childers says Ozark is open to the idea of adding a rest stop on Highway 65, if a national truck plaza shows interest.

"We certainly recognize that there is a limit to those types of services up and down Highway 65," Childers added. "We think Ozark would be great for that."

Truckers who park illegally after June 5th may get a tickets.