New president at Drury University helps increase funding, enrollment

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. A school with a storied history and a reputation of prestige, Drury University found itself amidst uncertain times, financially, while searching for a new leader. The school's new president, Dr. Tim Cloyd, has already helped author a financial turnaround.

"It's not like the institution did not have resources. It was that it had a cash flow issue, and those cash flow issues were squeezing the institution," said Dr. Tim Cloyd.

The new president (inaugurated Wednesday but on the job since last year) has introduced new ways for the school to engage its alumni base, 26,000 strong, and raise funds needed to grow.

One new recruitment strategy for Drury includes a focus on new cities like Dallas, Houston, Little Rock, and Nashville, and they are already seeing an increase in the number of students coming from out-of-state (25 percent so far).

Looking ahead to what's to come, Drury will also set forth on a new master plan, starting with beautifying its surroundings.

"Benton Avenue and Central used to be all red brick, and if you take the asphalt up, that red brick is still under there," Dr. Cloyd said.

"We're going to become nationally known as an institution that prepares students for a career but also prepares students in a way that deepens their character, and that is what is what it means to say we're going to be a place known for virtue and virtuosity," he said.

The school will reveal more on its master plan in coming weeks, but a university spokesperson said it will likely include new buildings on campus.