New technology will make jury duty easier for people in Greene County

Published: Jul. 4, 2018 at 11:21 PM CDT
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Dealing with a jury summons in Greene County just got a whole lot easier.

New technology will allow potential jurors to deal with the courts through email or text messages.

You'll still get an initial summons in mail with instructions on how to register for jury duty online.

Users can choose to receive updates through email or text message.

Even better, if you choose to opt out of serving, you'll know sooner than later.

"The main thing it does, if you log into e-Juror and you would like a postponement or excuse, you can submit that. We'll look at it that day in a view editor and you will probably know by the end of the day whether you've been excused or postponed," explained Greene County Jury Supervisor, Anthony Rodebush.

The new system will save the county money.

Potential jurors not online can still call the courthouse for assistance.

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