New voting equipment arrives just in time for primaries in Baxter Co., Ark.

MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. -- It may not seem like much.

"It will spit that ballot back out to them," said Baxter County and Circuit Clerk Canda Reese.

But that simple feature is just one of many the new machines offer which makes Baxter County Clerk Canda Reese happy.

"They can check over their choices, and then they feed that ballot into the tabulators," she said.

Reese's county recently bought 82 new voting machines, electronic poll books, and tabulators. The state helped pay for the upgrades, which replace machines that are 15 years old.

"It was a hope and a prayer. You didn't know when you went to turn on a machine if it was going to come up and actually work for you or not," the county clerk said.

The new machines make Reese feel good about the upcoming March primaries. She said Baxter County has been doing all it can to reassure voters before March 3.

"There has been over the last few years a growing distrust I think of the election system," she said.

The state of Arkansas is also taking its own precautions to make sure votes are counted fairly and accurately.

"They have recently put in place an election cyber-security officer for the state of Arkansas. So they are training counties on steps that they need to be taking to ensure that the election process is secure," Reese said.

The new machines won't change how results are added up and sent in. Poll workers will still feed results into a tabulator, then upload through a flash drive onto a secure state server.

Still, Reese thinks people will like what they see when they come to Baxter County's polls next month, helping an original American concept move into the 21st century.

"People should still vote. Their vote still counts," she said.

Some of the old machines went to Fulton County, and then the remaining ones were destroyed.