New water safety device launches at Lake of the Ozarks

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Lake of the Ozarks A new way to keep boaters safe is making a splash at the Lake of the Ozarks.

It's a device to help lake lovers stand out in the water while skiing or doing other water sports.

"I made it for the Lake of the Ozarks," Denise Pitlyk, Owner and Manager, DownAlert PSD LLC, said.

A new water safety tool called DownAlert Personal Signaling Device helps people doing recreational water sports get back to the boat safely.

"Down Alerts PSD fits really discretely on the arm of the participant and when they fall on the water they just simply pull this and tuck their hand into the flag and then they have a highly visible alert and marker that they're in the water and a potential hazard is there and please don't hit me," Pitlyk said.

The orange and yellow glove helps warn boaters that someone is in the water and to watch out.

"Typically the person on the boat, when they're skiing or having somebody that they're towing, would raise a flag when someone falls off their skis or their tube and again, it doesn't give a visible marker for that person that's left in the water, by themselves, and they're really hard to see," Pitlyk said

Pitlyk said it was a mother's instinct that ledger her to create the device to protect families.

"I was the one waving the flag saying 'Get back, get back, get back!' to them, and still had that real concern that another boat was not going to see them, because they didn't have any visible alert or sign that the person in the water was there," she said.

Pitlyk hopes this new device will help lake lovers safely dive into water sports without worry.

"Make it a little bit more fun, boating should be fun tubing should be fun and if Down Alert can ease some of that anxiety, help prevent or reduce the amount of accidents then that's great, that's what It's all about," Pitlyk said.

The glove is available online and in stores at the Osage Beach Walmart and Holiday Hills Marina.