Weekend concert aims to raise money for veterans emergency fund

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Jeremy Perry, and a group of friends are very passionate about veterans issues.

"What really hit me close to home is that I've had family that has served and the realization that many veterans take their own lives from PTSD, it's unreal," said Perry.

So he and several friends decided to launch Sounds of Honor. It's a new organization with a mission of helping relieve stress and everyday burdens faced by veterans.

"These people have been there for us when we need them, they kept us safe. It's time to give something back to them and show them that our community actually cares," Perry explained.

This weekend they'll host their first fundraiser. It's benefit concert featuring about a dozen bands to be held at Summers at the River in Nixa.

"All proceeds we get, we wanted to put it to a good cause that stayed here," said Perry.

That cause is the United Way emergency veterans fund.

"One of the things that we found within our community is that sometimes the grants and the dollars that are there are really specific, but there are other needs that come up that don't fit into a real solid category, so we are trying to build some flexibility into the fund to be able to meet those needs," said Nigel Holderby with United Way of the Ozarks.

Some of those emergency needs include things like transportation to work, or help with supplies so veterans can return to school.The fund has been around for about five years and is kept afloat entirely through donations.

"This event is a good example of how we designate funds to the veterans cause," said Holderby.

"There are a lot of people in our community that believe in that cause and they want to be able to provide that help so when we were contacted by this organization doing the fundraiser this weekend it just really was a perfect fit," said Holderby.

And for those helping pump money into this fund, they get back just as much as they're giving.

"It feels like I'm actually making a difference in our community and there's not a lot of people that can actually say that anymore," said Holderby.

The Sounds of Honor benefit concert will be Saturday, September 24 from Noon - 10 PM at Summers at the River (2142 N Sports Complex Lane in Nixa).

Admission is $5 and proceeds will go to the United Way of the Ozarks fund to help Veterans with emergency needs.

Visit the Sounds of Freedom facebook page for more information about this event.

Visit http://www.uwozarks.com/ for more information about the United Way.