Nine people arrested for burglary across two Lake of the Ozarks counties

CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. -- Nine people were arrested in a 24-hour period at the Lake of the Ozarks for burglaries in two different counties.

Jennifer Young, Sarah Seabolt, and Juan Moran Ochoa Jr (top) Patricia Bertelsmeyer, and Blake and Robert Larson (Bottom) Arrested in Camden County

"There's been 19 burglaries in the Camden County area," said Camden County Sheriff Tony Helms.

And that's just in the last 34 days - going back to November 1st.

On Monday, Camden County Deputies arrested six people for burglaries. Jennifer Young, Sarah Seabolt, and Juan Moran Ochoa Jr - all charged for a break-in on Nielsen Woods Drive near Sunrise Beach on Sunday.

A man told deputies he saw those three putting his neighbor's property into a car - which was later pulled over by Sunrise Beach Police after the driver backed into the officer's cruiser.

Deputies also arrested Patricia Bertelsmeyer, and Blake and Robert Larson Monday in connection to a burglary on November 30th on Wolf Pen Hollow.

"Weapons are always a target, antiques is another one, jewelry. They're looking for something they can turn into cash fast," Helms said.

Meanwhile in Miller County, sheriff's deputies there also arrested three people in connection to a string burglaries reported in the Brumley and Iberia communities.

Those three people are Billy Catron, David Bryant, and Nicholas Atkinson. Sheriff Louie Gregoire said in a news release they are still working to recover stolen items.

Sheriff Helms says these are more common this time of year because there is less traffic around the lake region, and more homes are vacant for longer periods of time. While it's not completely preventable, there are steps you can take to keep your valuables safe.

"Make sure your doors are locked. Talk to your neighbors. That's one of the worst things we're guilty of today. We don't know our neighbors. Get to know your neighbors," Helms said. "Have them watch [your home] for you, that's just another pair of eyes."

It's also recommended you write down or take photos of serial numbers for electronics, firearms, and other valuable possessions.

If you see anything suspicious outside of your home, your neighbor's home, or a nearby business, call authorities immediately.