Boy selling lemonade to pay for his own adoption exceeds goal

 This nine-year-old is selling lemonade to raise money for his adoption.
This nine-year-old is selling lemonade to raise money for his adoption. (KY3)
Published: Apr. 22, 2016 at 5:53 PM CDT
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A boy raising money to help his foster mother afford to adopt him raised $11,675 by Monday afternoon. His goal had been $5,000.

The money came from a lemonade stand and a yard sale at his home, and "Tristan's Adoption Fund" on The funds will pay for legal fees.

Original report from April 22, 2016:

The weather is just right for lot of yard sales this weekend including one with a truly special purpose. A 9-year-old boy in north Springfield is raising money for a family of his own.

"I've kind of coached him on some things to say, and he gets a little nervous and stuff. Sometimes he'll just sit there, and I'm, like, 'You have to greet them,'" said Donnie Davis.

Nine-year-old Tristan is selling lemonade, water, and cookies for a cause. The money will not go toward a new bike or toys. Instead, it will help fund his very own adoption.

"You're welcome, and thank you for helping our adoption," Tristan said to customers on Friday.

"He thanks them and says, 'Thank you for supporting our adoption.' It's kind of precious," said Davis, who is Tristan's foster mom.

Davis got a call four years ago when Tristan's mom, living a life of prostitution and drugs, left her 5-year-old son on the doorstep of a shelter on a 17-degree day in January.

"I was scared to death," she said. "If he was scared, if he was hurt, what was going on through his mind,"

Tristan has a new life now and is thankful for a family to call his own.

"I know shes responsible taking care of me, and I know she's going to be a great mother," Tristan said of his foster mom.

He is just hoping for a chance to make it all official.

"He's already a part of our family. In mine and my husband's hearts, that's our son. Nobody can tell us any different; that is our son. He wants to be legally ours," Davis said.

That lemonade stand is at 732 W. Kerr Street, near Broadway Avenue,

They plan to be open again Saturday.