Nixa School District fills in track damaged by sinkhole

Published: Aug. 13, 2018 at 5:26 PM CDT
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Big repairs happened over the summer on the sinkhole that opened up on the Nixa Junior High school track. This was in an effort to make sure that the area is safe before students came back for a new school year.

Zac Rantz, chief communication officer & safety coordinator for Nixa public schools said, "Football will actually start using it really this week when tryouts start, because they can keep everything on the football field and be out of the way. And then cross country usually uses it for some practices, and that's about it. Track won't be until the spring, so we've got a little time to kind of get things ready to go and the main impact will be football, but we can keep everybody in this area until it's completely repaired."

After the sinkhole was discovered in March, they closed off part of the track and football field as well as the street behind the sinkhole.

Then with students off for summer break they were able to make some big repairs.

"There's never a good time to have a sinkhole, but we were able to use the summer months to kind of get it repaired, kind of work around summer school keep everybody off it as much as possible, and then repair it as it needed to be repaired," Rantz said.

Since the sinkhole has been filled and is no longer a threat, all that's left to do is finish the track.

"It's fully functional, it's safe to walk on, to be on completely. It's just the cosmetic things. So now, as far as the students go, it's more of there being a hole in the ground or something that we need to repair versus a sinkhole because all of the fill measured have been taken," Rantz said.

The final track repairs are scheduled to happen in the next couple of weeks, and in the mean time as far as safety is concerned, it has been cleared for practices and tryouts. Even though the sinkhole has passed safety tests school officials will be monitoring it for any changes.