Nixa, Mo. mom shares crosswalk concerns as kids go back to school

Published: Aug. 13, 2019 at 4:28 PM CDT
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Students in Springfield and Nixa went back to school Tuesday, and with more people hitting the streets, one Nixa mom is raising concerns that some drivers aren't looking out for kids on the road.

"I mean, your kid could get killed," Charity Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald, a mom of two Nixa students, is fed up. She lives near the crosswalk on Nicholas Road, down from Nixa High School.

"No one ever stops at the crosswalks," she said.

She said sometimes it takes walking right out in front of a car to get the driver to stop.

"Just as we're standing here, I mean, these flashing lights are going. People would be just consistently, still going. Unless I put my foot out there and my life in danger to cross the street, they're not going to stop for anybody," she said.

That's why she doesn't let her kids walk to school anymore.

"Someone's gonna get hurt," Fitzgerald said.

Cpl. Ryan Strohm with the Nixa Police Department said traffic is supposed to stop if there are pedestrians in or near the crosswalk whether lights are flashing or not.

Bottom line, pay attention.

"Looking for those pedestrians, making sure you're driving slow and stopping for those kids," Strohm said.

Strohm said if Nixa police officers see a driver not stop for a pedestrian, they will will hand out tickets, but Fitzgerald says police don't patrol her area enough.

"No one's stopping here, then come patrol it, give them a ticket. Let's put a sign up. I would love to see a sign that says pedestrians have the right of way," she said.

Fitzgerald said something's got to change.

"Stop your car. It's not going to take more than a couple seconds out of your day to stop and let someone cross," she said. "I want our kids safe and I want our families safe and we should be able to be safe just walking to school."

The Nixa Police Department said it patrols the entire city but some areas and emergency calls take priority. Nixa P.D. said one of its main priorities this week is to make sure drivers are following the rules in school zones.

Strohm said he wants drivers to watch for school zone speed limits and not try to pass buses dropping off kids. He also said drivers should give themselves some extra time to get to work or school now with more people on the road.

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