No credible threat to Mountain Home, Arkansas Public Schools

MOUNTAIN HOME, Ar. -- Statement released from Jake Long, Superintendent of Mountain Home Public Schools:

I wanted to make you aware of something we have been working on throughout the day today. An email from an unknown sender of a vague, but threatening nature was sent to more than one school email account and to multiple school districts around the state.

The police were immediately notified and an investigation was set in motion. It was discovered the email came through a server from overseas, and we have determined there to be no credible threat.

It is a shame, and I find it no accident that these actions were taken on the heels of such a horrific event that occurred this past week in Florida. Please know our students’ safety is our number one priority. You will see additional security and patrol officers on duty and around our schools in the morning and during the upcoming weeks.

When school shootings occur it certainly makes us all more aware and diligent against these events. We will continue to be very diligent in our communications so you know what we know.

Thank you for your support.