No foul play suspected in death of missing Springfield man found in Sacramento

Published: Jan. 27, 2020 at 9:33 PM CST
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A sad ending in the search for a Springfield man missing in Northern California.

The body 25 year-old Alex Holden was found in a marshy area at the edge of the American River in Sacramento.

He is the son of Greene County Judges Calvin Holden and Margaret Palmietto.

His girlfriend, Kennedi Perri told police that he walked off after a disagreement early New Year's Eve morning.

His father said that this wasn't the ending they'd hoped for.

"It's just, he's been gone really for a month. But it's still hard. We kept hoping that he just was out and would come back, that he was hurt in the camp somewhere, and didn't know, you just hope," said Calvin Holden.

For weeks, dozens of volunteers, friends, family and rescue teams combed the Sacramento California neighborhood where he lived, with no luck finding him. Until Sunday afternoon.

"As I understand it, the water had been up in the river because of the rain the last couple of weeks. In the last two or three days the water went down enough that he was found in a little marshy, shallow area," explained Holden.

When asked if Alex would take his own life, his father said there's no chance.

"It's not him. He would never do that. He was one of the happiest people you'd ever know," he said.

An autopsy performed Monday will help determined how Alex died.

As of now, police do not suspect foul play.

"If there's something they find that they didn't see when they recovered Alex. If they think there's foul play they will pursue it," explained Holden.

He said that his son was full of life.

"He just did whatever he did at the moment. He lived life to the fullest. He was the most caring, compassionate and caring children you could ever have," he said.

Holden recalled the moment he said he knew that his son was special. The family was heading out to meet the preschool teacher of Alex's older sister.

"Alex said, wait, wait, I got to go get something. I said we're going to be late. He said, wait. We're waiting. He goes in. We're waiting," explained Holden. "He comes back out and has something wrapped. He hands it to Calie and said you need to have something to give your teacher the first time you meet her. It was his favorite stuffed animal. That's when I knew how compassionate and what a great person he is."

He said that the family is grateful for all the support they've received.

"The people here, all of our friends, even the people we don't know, the Sacramento community, the Sacramento Police, the Sacramento Fire and Rescue and all those people who volunteered and worked every day are just amazing," said Holden.

He said that they will try their best to move on.

"Remember the 25 years we had with him. That's all we can do," he explained.

The family will be heading to northern California at the end of this week to bring Alex Holden's body back to Springfield.

A viewing and celebration of life is scheduled for next week.