North Arkansas College athletes volunteer to help city pick up brush in Harrison

Published: Jan. 28, 2020 at 3:00 PM CST
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You wouldn't know it looking at a couple dozen yards in Harrison today, but less than a year ago, Mayor Jerry Jackson knows things looked different.

"You have this one tragedy right in the middle of them that's destroyed the whole neighborhood," Jackson said.

Jackson took office in January 2019. He says he's worked hard to enforce Harrison's clean premises ordinance since then.

"Property values will go down. You try to sell a house next to a trashy house," he said.

The mayor helped people clean up their yards through a group called Friends Helping Friends before he was elected into office.

The city has also offered leaf pickup services for years.

Now leaders are trying to solve a smaller, but similar, problem.

"If you drive around town right now, and about the only thing you're going to see are small piles of brush," Jackson said.

So Harrison is now offering to come pick up those piles, thanks to some active volunteers.

"Jerry called, and I said, 'Yeah we would love to do that.' And it's important the college athletes give back to the community. A lot of these athletes aren't even from this area," said Bobby Howard, North Arkansas College's Athletic Director.

The North Arkansas College athletes plan to come pick up the brush piles next week, so if you need yours picked up you need to call city hall now at (870) 741-2777.

"I pretty much say if it can fit in the back of a small pickup, we want to pick it up. If it requires a dump truck, call somebody else," Jackson said.

Not only do the athletes help the community, but their adopted community can get to know them too.

"It makes some people understand what these kids are going through and how really good these kids are," Howard said.