READY FOR THE COLD? Not everyone is indoors during cold conditions

Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 5:57 PM CST
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Thursday’s sub-freezing wind chill was just a test run for working in the cold next week.

Steven brown owns Wild Man plumbing. He says for the most part they are able to choose jobs indoors, but this isn’t always the case

"We try to keep them aware of what the weather forecast are. Of jobs that are coming up to let them know of clothing they will need for a day if they have something outside." Brown said.

The crew will use space heaters and take frequent breaks in the trucks or indoors, to get out of the cold.

"There are some jobs we can’t do because of the cold weather because our materials won’t accept the temperatures," Brown said.

If conditions get too cold, Brown’s company will just call it a day.

Kevin Smith, an airport firefighter says airports don’t have that kind of luxury.

“As long as the planes are flying we are fueling," Smith said.

No matter how cold the temperature is gets, or how bad the wind chill is they are still unloading luggage, checking the planes, and re-fueling.

"You know your hands wont work your muscles ache, and you get worn out just from all the extra clothes you’re wearing," Smith Said.

The only time they do shut down, is when the airlines cancel during icy conditions. They say they prefer to work in the cold, than the summer heat. Usually by December or January they are acclimated to the cold.

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