Now get a divorce, other legal services at Walmart

Published: Oct. 14, 2016 at 9:52 PM CDT
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It seems you can already get everything at Walmart. Now, the list of options is growing again.

A new type of store opening in area Walmart locations is making the process of finding lawyer as easy as filling a shopping cart.

Signs at The Law Store offer details on not goods or groceries but divorces and other basic legal services. Also, prenuptial contracts, bankruptcies, wills, and immigration services are available at The Law Store.

"We do basic legal services all the way from traffic tickets to estate planning, wills, trusts -- most of the basic services that people need on a day-to-day basis but are just not taking advantage," said Bryan Berry, regional director of operations.

It may be surprising to see items like these lined up on a menu board like a fast food joint; the list is long. They make it all look way too easy. But, that's the point.

"It is a society where we are used to using technology and getting quick fixes, and we want to do that with an attorney sitting across the table from you," said Berry. "We need more nurses, we need more teachers. We don't need more lawyers. We need a more efficient delivery of legal services, and that is what The Law Store is all about."

The location at the Walmart store on South Campbell Avenue is just the third to open. Other locations can be found in Neosho, and Joplin- where The Law Center is based. The firm hopes to roll the concept into additional Walmart stores nationwide in the coming years.