Obamacare deadline is Friday

If you haven't enrolled for insurance through the government market place, the 11th hour is fast approaching.

The deadline is Friday. You have until midnight to signup. Despite talks in Washington, D.C. this is still the law of the land. You'll have to pay a penalty if you don't enroll.

You can signup online, on the phone or in person the Springfield office 3318 S National. Certified application counselors are there to help you through the process. They know the law. They're paid by a grant, not an insurance company.

"We are really concerned people are thinking they have until the end of January to enroll. We are doing our best to get the word out and we always encourage people to come in early, but this year they have to come in early because it will be over after the 15th," said Kate Conn, a certified application counselor.

This is the earliest deadline in its history. Normally people had through January to signup. There's no extension this year either. That office closes Friday at 5 o'clock.

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3318 S National