Structurally unsound building forces Lebanon, Mo. bakery to close

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LEBANON, Mo. -- Wehner's Bakery has a sign on the door saying it is closed. Joe Berkich, Lebanon Building Official, says the building is unsafe and structurally unsound.

"I'm worried about the outer wall collapsing and the corner of the building coming down," Berkich said.

Berkich was asked to check on the building on behalf of the owner's request.

"We came down to do an inspection and we went from there," Berkich said.

The city and owners are waiting on the engineer's report. The report will determine how extensive the damage is and if the building can be salvaged. In the meantime, no one can go in.

"Our main focus is life safety," Berkich said. "So we are just wanting to make sure everyone is safe."

Berkich says the other buildings in the complex are not impacted.

Zephaniah Macomber has grown up coming to Wehner's.

"I get the Bearclaw, it is delicious," Macomber said.

Macomber would like to see the bakery reopen.

"I hope so," Macomber said. "For sure, I'd like that."

Berkich says the city is working with the owners of Wehner's to find a new location.