Old Christmas toy favorites get new looks this season

NEW YORK (NBC) The holiday shopping season is officially upon us!

If toys are on your list, you might notice many are new twists on old favorites. This year's hottest tech toys might look like classics, but they're packing new technology under the hood.

Hot wheels is rolling out the next generation of toy racing supercharged with artificial intelligence.

"So the AI technology allows these cars to stay on track and go at really high rates of speed," said consumer reporter Aditi Roy.

Who doesn't remember Play Doh? Now there's an app for that!

"Play Doh one of those age old toys kids just love updating with use of smartphone app," Roy added.

Even Barbie is getting an upgrade - a smart home - the high-tech Hello Dreamhouse

"There's an elevator inside it that's something that's new the toilet actually flushes and you can manipulate things by using an app on your phone," Roy said.

The flybrix set allows kids, and kids at heart.to build a drone out of classic Legos

"the Lego drone is a perfect example of how you take a brand that we grew up and we loved growing up and kind of updated it with today's technology," said Roy.

And remember the Furby and Tamagotchi pet toy crazes of the 90s?

"Hatchimals" are a hybrid of sorts, and on the wish lists of many this year.

"The Hatchimals are the biggest craze this year, I talked to a manager at Toys R Us and other analysts and you just can’t find them anywhere!” Roy pointed out.

A surprise pet hatches right in your hands, that is, if you can actually get your hands on one.

Many of these toys aren't cheap. The Barbie Dreamhouse for example is $300!

But you won't have to keep up with Monopoly money to pay for it, the game now uses electronic banking.