Omaha, Ark. hail storm smashes windows, cars, and buildings

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OMAHA, Ark. (KY3) -- Pounding storms across the Ozarks brought down massive hail in Omaha, Arkansas that smashed windows, cars, and buildings.

"All we could do is just sit here and cringe as it's just bashing the daylights out of our vehicles," Dr. Jacob Sherwood said.

The Omaha School Superintendent calls it a scary end to the school day.

"It sounded like gunshots going off," Sherwood said.

Hail, some the size of softballs, pelted the parking lot just as parents pulled up to the school to pick up their children.

"It was pretty scary," Heather Garrett said.

Staff members like Garrett kept kids inside as mother nature did a number on countless cars and even the roof of the school building.

"All of the hail that we had yesterday dimpled it up everywhere," Sherwood said.

Many cars that were damaged are now in the auto body shop to get repaired.

"Crazy. Just been crazy busy. They're coming in and right now I've got six waiting in line," Ozark Auto Body in Harrison Owner Donnie Bailey said.

He says they've been doing estimates on hail repairs all day, with estimates ranging from $4,000 to $12,000.

"Everybody was just in disbelief. I mean, we had never seen hail that big," Tracy Griffith said.

Griffith was at the school with kids in the car when the storm came.

"One of the teachers said, 'You might want to come in,'" Griffith said. "[If we wouldn't have], we would have been hurt. It was scary."

Despite all the damage, people in Omaha say the storm could have been worse.

"All of this stuff is replaceable, you know," Sherwood said.

"I'm just glad everybody was safe. No one got hurt," Griffith said.