On Your Side: Do these 5 things now to prep for holiday shopping

Christmas is fewer than 100 days away.

1. Create a budget.

Experts say your holiday shopping budget is usually one to two percent of your yearly income. Figure out how much you can spend. Don't forget about your debts.

2. Design a money plan.

Start saving now.

"When my paycheck comes in, I have direct deposit into a savings account. So I have a direct deposit into my checking and savings for Christmas and Birthdays and stuff like that. That seems to help me a lot," said Kaitlyn Peoples with BluCurrent Credit Union.

3. Make a list.

Decide now who you will buy gifts for. It's okay to talk money with your family.

"I think it's one of those things were we have sat down as a family and decided to do Secret Santa. We say everyone is going to get a gift and it's more meaningful," said Kyle Short with BluCurrent Credit Union.

4. Don't get tempted.

Don't splurge. Don't borrow.

"I think big mistakes are going to a payday loan place to try to borrow money a couple weeks before Christmas starts. Another mistake is 'I'm going to use this credit card at a big box store because they are going to give me zero percent interest' or it's low interest and you put it all on credit for Christmas because we failed to prepare," said Short.

5. Use one card.

Money experts say review and understand your points. Use your credit card with the most perks. Plus, when you only shop with one card, it makes it simple.