On Your Side: Best Labor Day sales

On Your Side has what to buy during the long weekend.

1. Buy a new car

Now is a great time to buy a new car for two reasons. Traditionally, quotas need to be met at the end of the month. So negotiate that price. Secondly, new 2020 models debut in September. Dealerships need to make room for new inventory. You can save thousands and score warranty perks.

2. See the eye doctor

Many clinics and stores offer deals on contacts and glasses a few weeks after school starts. That's on purpose. Now is when parents and teachers notice squinting.

3. Home essentials

Mattresses, bedding, appliances and even tools. Expect to see prices drop thirty to forty percent. You won't see these deals again until Presidents' Day.

4. Outdoor furniture and grill

If you have a place to store it, buy patio furniture and a new grill this weekend. You might save up to 80 percent, but your selection might be grim.

5. Meat

Meat will be on sale this holiday weekend. Consider buying a lot and freezing it.