On Your Side: Can't pay your bills because of COVID-19?

You might be staring at a situation you've never been in because of COVID-19. Maybe you can't pay your bills.

Money experts say get busy as you wait on your stimulus check. If you can't pay all your bills this month because of COVID-19, prioritize. That's usually mortgage or rent, food and medicine.

Review your budget. Many utility companies, phone companies, cable companies and lenders are waiving late fees because of the coronavirus. Do your homework. Understand your options. Call the company and workout a plan.

"Just be honest. Tell them exactly when it happened ... that you may have lost your job or your hours cut. What you are doing, like filed for unemployment. As they hear the information, it becomes a little more real, that you are working to do the best you can at this point in time," said Holly Wilson with Consumer Credit Counseling Services.

Consumer Credit Counseling Services offer debt management plans. They can reach out to lenders on your behalf. (417) 889-7474