On Your Side Caught on Camera: Mail theft in northwest Springfield

Published: Sep. 18, 2019 at 5:09 PM CDT
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It's identity theft caught on camera. The Greene County Sheriff's Office tells us there are more cases lately of mail theft.

One homeowner captured the crime on video and sent it to On Your Side so we could show you. The video tells the story. Crooks move from mailbox-to-mailbox at this cul-de-sac taking what they can grab.

"Just slowly working their way around taking their time ... like they weren't too concerned. Seemed like they done it a few times," said Shawn.

This happened near Farm Road 140 and State Highway MM.

"It looked like an early 2000 model Chevy Impala," said Shawn.

Shawn, asked On Your Side not to say his last name. He caught the crime on his cameras.

"The dog woke me up and then my phone started going off because of the alarms. By the time I got my car keys and shoes to go follow they were already out of the neighborhood. There was mail scattered up and down the street. We were fortunate we didn't have anything in ours. But people that are waiting on checks in the mail for social security, medicines ... things like that, that could hurt you if taken," he said.

Shawn says he already has credit monitoring protection. Setting up alerts and freezing your credit are proactive ways to protect your ID.

Don't give a crook a chance.

United States Postal Inspection Service confirmed to On Your Side investigations are underway. If you have information, call 877-876-2455.

This crime happened at night. Just another reason why you need to check your mail everyday.

Consider picking up important mail at the post office.

A simple google search shows there are plenty of lock options. From $20 to $200 dollars.

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