On Your Side: Did you get this ad to invest in silver?

Have you spotted this ad to invest in silver? It might be in your mailbox. It's advertised as the 'modern day Gold Rush.'

A man near Lebanon, Mo. spent more than $300 and says don't take the bait. Don Lamkins thought he had to jump at the opportunity.

"I got suckered in," he said.

He got a letter in the mail along with what looks like a newspaper clipping. It's an offer to buy silver. At first, Lamkins believed this is from the government.

"I thought it would be a good way to make some money," he said.

Don spent $304 on silver bars. The silver comes from a company in Ohio called Federated Mint. It says on the website 'no affiliation' with the government.

On Your Side found out the company is selling silver above market price. A half ounce is $50.

"The older people are the ones that get stuck with this so much. That's not acceptable," said Lamkins.

A few days ago Ashley Reynolds called Federated Mint seeking comment and to ask about Lamkins account. Within thirty minutes, Lamkins says he got a call and was told a refund is on the way. The company has not responded to our email about an interview.

It has 29 complaints on the Better Business Bureau's website. Federated Mint is consistent in responding to consumer complaints.

On its website, the company says it has 'a 30 day money back guarantee'. Lamkins said when he originally asked for a refund, he was told no.