On Your Side: Don’t drop off donations at Springfield thrift stores

Springfield It's tradition for many this time of year. You do some spring cleaning and donate your unwanted stuff. Not this year. Thrift stores are closed in Springfield. Many will not accept drop off donations.

"Dumping doesn't reflect well for anybody. It's not a good look for the citizens of Springfield," said Ken Childers with YOTO Community Thrift Store.

Ken Childers says the dumping at his store will cost money to sort. Money his charity doesn't really have. For example, YOTO doesn't accept old box TVs. Now they'll have to spend $20 to responsibly recycle a TV that's in the lot. If they were open, they'd simply refuse to take it.

MERS Goodwill has the same message.

"What's happening is they're dropping them off at the doors. People are stealing them. They get rained on and ruined. So please hold on to them. We are going to need those donations when we open back up," said Kristy Lance with MERS Goodwill.

There's at least one place taking donations in Springfield, Red Racks.
Your donation must fit in a locked bins.

"We have a team that goes around everyday. A team of two to collect the donations out of the bins," said Dave McDonald with Red Racks.

Thrift store workers tell On Your Side if you really want to help, send monetary donations at this time.