On Your Side: How to save money on Valentine's Day flowers

If you plan to buy flowers, get your order in now.

1. Buy local

When you're looking for a flower shop, buy local. It sounds simple, but Google can trip you up. Third party vendors might pop up first. These companies find shops to fill your order and charge you for it. This will cost you more money. You're paying a service fee. Buy from the flower shop directly and you'll get more bang for your buck.

2. Try something new, no roses.

Consider a plant. Plants are a trendy, cheaper alternative.

"If you're a little more frugal, send a plant on Valentine's and it's something they can have all year and years to come. It's kind of fun," said Mike Schaffitzel with Schaffitzel's Greenhouse.

3. Deliver on February 13

That way the arrangement shines all day long on Valentine's Day.

"The nice thing about delivering it earlier is we are not as crazy and everything is probably taken care of just a little bit better," said Schaffitzel.

4. Search for discounts

Use apps. Follow the florist on social media. Ask about their specials when you order.

5. Reconsider the add-ons

The box of chocolates and teddy bear might really drive up the price.

6. Reconsider the delivery

You might save up to $15 if you give your sweetie the flowers.