On Your Side Investigation: Contractor sentenced, must pay back customers

A contractor at the center of an On Your Side Investigation for more than one year - won't go to prison, but isn't getting off scott free, either.

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Jon Rush pleaded guilty in February to altering invoices and overcharging customers. On Tuesday, he was sentenced in those two Stone County cases.

Court proceedings took place in Lawrence County because of a change in venue. Customers got the chance to speak.

"I can't begin to tell you how much my blood pressure has gone up because it's so aggravating to have someone do this," Jim Bradford told the court. He's a customer.

A judge placed Rush on probation for five years. He has to pay back customers in these two cases around $60,000.

"The steps and the lengths he went to take money from these people … You could say there should have been more punishment, but on the other hand, because of the amount of financial loss and the desire to make the victims whole as possible … that had to be what we sought in the outcome," said Matt Selby, Stone County Prosecuting Attorney.

Jon Rush's attorney, Branden Twibell, sent On Your Side this statement.

"Mr. Jon Rush is extremely sorry. He has admitted to making some big mistakes and takes full responsibility for what he has done to these victims.

Jon wants to make the victims whole and has made a large payment today on restitution. He will continue to make payments for the next several years in order to ensure every penny is returned to the people affected by his actions."

Rush pleaded guilty to similar charges in Taney County. He has a pending case in Christian County. He has since moved out of state.