On Your Side Update: City will 'pursue' locksmith without license

Less than twenty-four hours since our special report aired and we're getting results.

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On Your Side showed you cannot always trust Google in your time of need. The first number you see in your search could be an ad -- from a dispatch service in New York.

This can be really confusing if you think you're calling a local company.
Even if you google Pop-A-Lock, the first number isn't them.

After several complaints about the locksmith behind that number, we called. He showed up with an unmarked car. He did not have a business card.

In our experience we heard five company names. Not one has a Springfield business license.

Springfield city workers tell us thanks to our investigation they'll pursue this. A business operating without a license can be issued a summons to appear in municipal court.

The locksmith has an agreement with that top-listed website.