On Your Side: Missouri Attorney General takes legal action over price gouging

You see it every time you scroll through Facebook Marketplace, Amazon or eBay. Toilet paper, masks and hand sanitizer way over-priced. The Missouri Attorney General is taking legal action against eight Missouri-based sellers.

"We want to go after bad actors when they're trying to take advantage of the situation," said Eric Schmitt, Missouri Attorney General.

Investigators say the sellers charged anywhere from two to nineteen times the normal price. The sellers could face up to a $1,000 fine for each transaction.

"Some of that information because it's an on-going investigation we can't reveal it at this time, but we did reveal there are eight of those subpoenas that went out yesterday with our cooperation with Amazon. So they're monitoring on their end. We're doing everything we can as a law enforcement agency," said Schmitt.

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