On Your Side: Medicare recipients beware

A couple in Cassville got a letter that reads it's from Medicare, but not really.

Mark and Judy Meadows carefully read their mail.

"People are always trying to fool us. We get stuff in the mail all the time and it's not what it seems," said Mark Meadows.

On the top left corner, in bold, black print it reads Medicare, but look at that web address.

"It should be Medicare dot gov," said Judy Meadows.

This letter, is not from Medicare.

"It's not easy to spot. Look on the other side. Down at the bottom it says it's not governmental. Some people might not even look down there," she said.

The fine print at the bottom reads, 'this is a non-government resource operated by eHealthInsurance Services.' It's a legit company with an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

"This is a solicitation for insurance," said Beth West, a Medicare expert with Mercy.

West says recipients must do their homework.

"It's important to understand who you are talking with. The dot coms are companies," she said.

Always be wary about giving your information over the phone. Never give your Medicare card number because until you get your new card, that's your social security number.

Do not feel pressured to enroll. Understand all your options.

You can talk with a Medicare expert one-on-one. The group is called CLAIM.

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You can schedule an appointment.

They don't work for an insurance company. They're not biased. We have their information on our websites.