On Your Side: The scam that won't go away

We've covered the Social Security scam for months, but within the last week, dozens of viewers tell us they got the call. One viewer told On Your Side he really thought he was in trouble. He sent crooks $3,000.

Photo Source: Pixabay / MGN

There are a few different versions of this scam. In the text version, the crook claims to be an officer and says your Social Security number has been suspended. Think about that. That doesn't make sense. You cannot suspend a Social Security number. Another viewer sent us the voicemail version. Be sure to listen to that by clicking the video.

Here are three ways to dodge scam calls.
1. Do not answer unknown numbers. When you do, crooks know you have a working number and they'll keep calling.

2. Join both No Call Lists. Federal and state.

National Do Not Call 888-382-1222
Missouri Do Not Call 866-662-2551

3. There's an app for that. Dozens actually. Read reviews before you install.

Consumer Reports says try: Nomorobo, Hiya, Mr. Number, RoboKiller, and YouMail.

If a crook gets your Social Security number do the following:

1. Call your bank and credit card company. You'll need monitoring services. They might recommend new accounts.

2. Tell the IRS. Swindlers love to file false returns and get your refund.

3. Consider freezing your credit. That puts your credit on lockdown so no one can open a line of credit.