On Your Side: Five most common viewer questions during pandemic

During this pandemic we get hundreds of viewer questions every day. Here are the five most common.

1. When will those on Social Security get their stimulus money?

Payments are automatic for people on Social Security retirement, survivor, disability and Supplemental Security Income. People who receive Railroad Retirement benefits and Veterans Affairs beneficiaries who did not file a tax return in the last two years will also get automatic payments. Your money should arrive between now and mid-May.

2. I received a stimulus check for someone who recently died. What do I do?

A viewer got a check for her deceased mother. Tax experts tell On Your Side don't spend this money right now. You might owe it later. The Treasury Department is supposed to send more guidance on this soon. By the way, this has happened before. Following the Financial Crisis, more than 71,500 people who had been on Social Security but died still received payments.

3. Is this price gouging?

Viewers keep sending us price gouging tips. Know this, just because an item is marked up a little, doesn't mean it's actually gouging. It's common for products in high demand to cost a little more and be in limited supply. If you think you've come across price gouging, report it to the attorney general.

Click HERE for Missouri's Attorney General.

Click HERE for Arkansas' Attorney General.

4. When can I get a haircut or massage?

This varies depending on your location. Next week, Missouri will start to reopen, but rules about which businesses and the number of customers allowed in -- is decided by your local health department.

5. My employer isn't following social distance guidelines. What do I do?

Talk to your boss. If it doesn't change, call your health department and you can always file a complaint with the Department of Labor.