On Your Side: Two new phone scams

They leave a voicemail and say they're after you because you committed fraud.

A woman from Freistatt says she was frightened at first, but then decided to send that voicemail to On Your Side reporter, Ashley Reynolds

If you get a voicemail like this, don't panic. It's a scam.

The message says, "We have never got response from you. So, it has been considered a potential fraud lawsuit has been filed under your name by the United States government. You may call our department number."

Here's what typically happens in this scam. Swindlers say you have a warrant. They say it's your final warning. You can pay to get out of trouble, just wire some money. Don't do it. That's just not how the system works. Crooks hope to bank on your fear. If you get this voicemail, don't respond.

Another scam call to tell you about -- Bogus calls from Medicare.
Con artists know those new cards are coming out in a few weeks.
So, they pretend to be with Medicare and tell you there's a problem with your new card. Don't give them your old card number. They're trying to steal your identity.