On Your Side: What to buy in July

New month, new deals. On Your Side can tell you what to buy in July.

1. Outdoor gear.

You'll really see sales after the Fourth. We're talking about camping equipment, lawn care essentials and swimsuits. Now that we are into summer, markdowns will start. You might see some summer stuff fifty percent off. Retailers need to make room for the fall items which will go on store shelves next month.

2. House paint.

You'll see a lot of two-for-one deals. Here's why -- folks often paint in the spring, hence spring cleaning. Buy your paint now -- during the off season and save.

3. Christmas and holiday decorations.

Christmas in July sales are in full swing. Buy a fake tree now and save.

Three important dates.

On July 5, buy your Fourth of July decorations on Thursday.

July 15 is National Ice Cream Day.

July 16 is Amazon Prime Day. Think of it as Amazon's Black Friday.